In the last 15 yrs I have had 3 "out of round" tyres from the continental factory on 2 bakkies/pick-ups that I have owned, two were conti's and now a general grabber. (I work from home and so travel under 10,000km per year). Recently, after more than 4 weeks, and lately complaining to tyres&more, a replacement grabber has magically become available (3000 on back order?!). I was told that a continental rep needs to be present when the exchange is done, but only at her convenience (she called me). Arrogant eastrand rep louise (0836506472) says I have to fit in with her time table to do the exchange. I wasted 3hrs first time round at their "service centre", Jet Park while they did a battery of tests on the faulty tyre.

Why do we pay ludicrous prices for faulty tyres and then have to put up with arrogant customer attitudes from continental? It's time to BOYCOTT local manufacturers and buy imported tyres like, Pace, Kumho, etc. Definitely not the "tyre company of choice" - their vision statement [http://www.continental.co.za/vision.asp] Naturally, nothing said about customer satisfaction.

Appalling service, dodgy and unreliable tyres and prices that make your eyes water, that is continental South Africa.

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