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The Continental tire described above was installed at the rear left.I was traveling at speed of 80-100kph when it burst.

I slow down and look at the "information" on the dashboard for information of the trouble, but no information. So I continued to drive on for less than a kilometer but at lower speed 40-50 until i saw my inside Fender lining fall out on the road.

After parking the car at a safe distance along the highway, i got off and inspected the problem and found the tire burst and torn into 3 pieces, as shown in the attached photos.The condition of the burst tire could have caused more damage to properties and to lives, had it been installed at the front.

Review about: Continental Tire Tires.

Monetary Loss: $1860.

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you couldn't tell you had a flat?how can you rely on your dash information center to tell you everything about your car?

next time you feel something might be wrong get out of your car and look and listen.might not want to drive drunk next time either.

Idaho, United States #924604

This is a classic example of what happens when a tire is driven on severely underinflated or as it is slowly deflating

to Anonymous Erie, Pennsylvania, United States #1231275

do you mean the tire or the driver?


Try to keep your tires inflated next time... ;)


De haberse detenido de inmediato no se habrían producido esos danos en el neumático, los cuales en vista de que siguió rodando le pasaría a cualquier neumático de cualquier marca o modelo.

Ese dano se produce por andar sin presión de aire, el neumático al tener poca o nada de presión de aire no soporta el peso del vehí*** y se destruye. :)

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